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STARTMay 2014
  • Press Release Football Impact measures Covid19:

     WhatsApp Image 2020-05-31 at 18.34.51 After the measures adopted by the Government and transmitted to sports entities, Football Impact declares its full collaboration communicates the adopted security protocol. Our facilities have been adapted with the prevention measures against Covid-19 required by the health authority. 2 The conditioning, distancing and disinfection protocol for our facilities ensures the safety of the clubs. Football Impact has prepared for the return to sports activity.  1

    Security Football Impact.

      Installation of the professional ReSPR INDUCT Sanitation Technology system for virus removal. System recommended by other large entities for its high efficiency in the elimination of viruses and germs in air conditioning, efficient to maximize sanitary security in the stay of the equipment in our facilities.  3

    Health protocol of all our facilities, consisting of the following actions:

    1. Installation of a total of 35 HIDROALCOHOLIC disinfectant hand gel dispensers WITH ALOE in the gym, water areas, changing rooms, offices and transit areas.
    2. Installation of 4 Totem of disinfectant protection with gel and gloves, which will be exposed in hallways and changing rooms of the facilities.
    3. Installation of a mask and sanitary gloves stand in changing rooms for equipment use.
    4. Daily cleaning and disinfection of changing rooms, common areas, offices with HIPOCLAITO SODIUM mixed with 1% water, with disinfectant bleach.
    5. Disinfection of sports equipment twice a day with HIPOCLAITO SODIUM mixed with 1% water.
    6. Disinfection of the outside of the facilities (parking area, stands and outside building) with HIPOCLAITO SODICO mixed at 1% with water, applied via a powerful fogger up to 8 meters.
    7. Cleaning and disinfection of maintenance machinery, lawn mowers, tractors, etc., by manual cleaning, as well as by misting specialized disinfectant product and sanitary approved.
    8. Installation of 15 double doormats with disinfectant tray for footwear, which is installed in entrances to the changing rooms, Spa, Gym and offices.
    9. Purchase of 500 sanitary masks labeled with MFC logo. These masks can be disinfected by washing at 80ºC in washing machines. Using our personal clean and disinfected masks daily.
    10. Incorporation of pedal trash cans in the facilities to avoid contact with hands.
    11. Carrying out all team training behind closed doors, leaving the Sports City restricted exclusively to those essential auxiliary employees in the daily development of the activity.
  • Memories: the world’s best central defender in MFC

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 11.06.04

    One year ago Liverpool FC passed through the Marbella Football Center prior to the achievement of the 2019 Champions League. The English team went to the Costa del Sol for a stage, and with them Van Dijk, the best central defender of the moment.

    With a strong mentality, an imposing physique, and an impeccable work ethic, Van Dijk is an unsurpassed defender. Let's not forget also his intelligence on the lawn and his technical resources. This allows him to get the ball played, helping the team a lot in attack too.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 11.06.03

    Dutch (Breda, 1991) but with Surinamese ancestry, Virgil began his career at Willem II (a friend of Football Impact), before moving on to the FC Groningen youth team. With this team he will debut in the Eredivisie and will stand out soon, attracting the attention of Celtic Glasgow, who will sign him in 2013.

    Only two years later he will be transferred to Southampton FC for a value 6 times higher than the purchase. A little over two years at Southampton and again he will revalue almost 600%, being transferred for 85 million euros.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 11.06.00

    In his individual record we can highlight the following titles:

    • Champions League 2019 and runner-up of 2018.
    • 3 Scottish Premiership (Scottish league).

    In addition, in the 2019/20 season, Liverpool FC was breaking all records and their victory was presumed many days in advance.

    Van Dijk's best moments

  • Memories: Inter begins 2017 at MFC

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-27 at 12.00.52 (1)

    After the New Year's holiday, Inter wasted no time and on January 2nd 2017 they were already training on the lawn of the Marbella Football Center. The Italian team arrived to the Costa del Sol for a stage before returning to Serie A.

    The team finished the season fourth, earning a place for the Champions League of the following year.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-27 at 12.00.50

    Luciano Spalletti and his men worked out at MFC for just under a week. During this time they faced Marbella FC and RB Linense in a three teams tournament organized by Football Impact and sponsored by Casino Marbella in La Línea.

    The "nerazzurri" group arrived with its star squad, among which we can highlight: Icardi, Perisic, Eder, Joao Mario, Brozovic, Miranda, Candreva, Handanovic ...

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-27 at 12.00.52

    This season, the team from Lombardy was fighting for the Serie A title with SS Lazio and Juventus just before the break caused by COVID-19.

    We wish all the best to our friends and we hope that returning to the competition will bring them the best results.

  • Borussia to close the gap with Bayern to 1 point in the derby

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-25 at 11.45.33

    The third day of the Bundesliga will start tomorrow since its resumption after global confinement. On Tuesday Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will open matchday 28th at Signal Iduna Park.

    With 7 games to go until the end of the Bundesliga, the Bavarians have a 4 point advantage over our friends from Dortmund.

    The most important game of the season

    This will be the most important game of the season for Lucien Favre's men, who have a long streak of good results. The team has won nine of the last 10 Bundesliga matches.

    It is a unique opportunity for our friends to be at a single point of leadership. This would leave Bayern in a difficult situation. To a single point and still having to face Bayer Leverkusen (4th), and our friends from Borussia Mönchengladbach (5th) and Wolfsburg (6th).

    Signal Iduna Park will host this match tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26th, starting at 18:30. It is one of the best possible matches in the world and the current situation will make all the football fans to keep an eye on this momentous match.

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“Dear team: We want to thank you wholeheartedly for your hospitality. Here we have perfect conditions for our preseason. Spectacular pitches plus a team that satisfied all desires. We were able to prepare very well for the World Cup of Canada. Thank you very much for that!”.

- Ms. Silvia Neid, Head Coach German Female National Team
World Cup preparation 2015


- Mr. Oleg Blokhin, Head Coach Dinamo Kiev Winter pre season 2014

“We are glad to come back year by year, because everything is fine : Services, attention for your staff, hotel, all”.

- Mr Murat Yakin, Head Coach FC Spartak Moscow Winter pre season 2015

“A big thank you for the quality of your welcome and for the great professionalism of all the people who have helped us. Sun, quality of land availability. Everything is gathered for a high-level stage”.

- Mr. Bruno Genesio, Head Coach Olympique Lyon. Winter pre season 2016

“The conditions in Marbella are next to perfect in this time of the year. In Holland the weather is a very uncertain factor. When we left for Spain a week ago, it was 12 degrees and sunny but when we came back in Rotterdam it was 5 below zero (-5). The weather here is a lot more stable than for example in Turkey where many Dutch teams tend to go. Furthermore, my experiences with the Marbella Football Center and Football Impact have always been positive. We were here last season and had a perfect training camp then too”.

- Mr. Ronald Koeman, Head Coach Feyenoord Rotterdam Winter pre season 2014

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